The audiovisual works portfolio by Lithuanian audio/video artist Tobias Faar.

"Unusual Texturing" audio-video performance official teaser. 

The audio - video performance represents abstract images of lines, letters, geometrical figures, numbers combined into three different screens and mixed as one independent video. 

The performance will be played at Festival “Centras VIII”, KAUNAS, LITHUANIA. 


Internet magazine Far From Moscow


The exploration of experimental sound is interesting and influencing method, which is the main purpose in the creation of the personal sound for Lithuanian experimental sound artist Tobias Faar. Officially to make this research he started from the year of 2006. The whole exploration to the experimental sound was started from the studies of the music history. First of all if the artist wants to create or modulate the personal sound, he should meet the history of music. This principle lets for the composer to know each of the music notations and sound specifics. Without information of this, the personal created sound is without any concepts.

Time by time each of the composer searches a new ways to express their minds and ideas. Not the exception is Tobias Faar. In 2009 September, he attended to the one-week educational program called “21st Century Auditorium”, where he got more useful perceptions about the electronic, experimental music and sound art theory and aesthetics, trends and styles, curating practices and conceptualization. During that educational program Tobias Faar known more about Joseph Schillinger’s system (lecturer – Kim Cascone), hand made electronic music from various equipment (lecturer – Ray Lee), and of course how to prepare the material for curated exhibition (lecturer – David Toop).

After the educational program, Tobias Faar started the exploration of experimental sound further and further. He found for himself the type of sound art that influenced him very strongly till today – field – recordings. In todays experimental sound creations he is using field-recordings very strongly and very often. For him, field-recordings are independent music from nature: “ Why we should wait for the sound from our equipment, if we can open our ears and listen to it and catch it from the nature”. The human being connection with the nature probably came from the field-recordings. Now, all created compositions have something strongly related with nature and man. The love for nature became also from college studies of Landscape Engineering, the analysis of human feelings and emotions came from university studies of Philosophy.

In nowadays, Tobias Faar is still exploring the experimental sound fields. He is still interested in various methods of sound creation and theories. Also sometimes Tobias Faar is appearing like the audiovisual artist with his own made visual materials.

“The visual perception is very important perception for music. If we understand what we see, we try to understand what we hear. Sound and pictures are like our eyes and ears. Everything what we hear – we want to see, the things we don’t see – we want to hear them at least…” 



What’s the “Stranger”?

The “Stranger” is live video performance that shows a person trapped in today’s informational destructions. Each of the video combines the spiritual emotion of human, who lost his mind between various types of news – pop star scandals, political lies, terrorism of television, ads. A person who lives in everyday destruction can’t think positively, he becomes out of minded person without his identity. Out of mind process creates the ink for print condition, where person don’t have his thoughts, opinion finally – feelings. Person is like an instrument for informational destruction. Stranger he becomes then, when he starts to believe in new age shamanism – come to us and we’ll tell you how to live.

Finally the stranger figure outs how to run out of new age shamanism, and then he starts to look up for the lights of his own spirit. From agonic spheres to new rehearsal for the mind he finds new ways, how to avoid the discourse of true and false information, and what he should to choose. Finally he chooses the bright light to the brighter tomorrow.


During the performance various video files with emotions in it will be mixed through 30 – 45 minutes. The sound in performance will be taken from artist of electronic music or created by the artist of video performance. In the performance mixing also will be used the visual effects like distortion, black screen, white screen. Each of the effect will present the different position of person which is the stranger.

Video performance resources & technical information.

Video performance resolution: 1028 x 640 pixels;

Video performance aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen;

Full video performance will be produced on DVD disk;

Video projector of 70 lumens required;

Dark space for performance playing required;

Audio system with 3 channel mixer required.

NOTE. The video performance showcase given on internet is not the full performance. That is just the preview of it. Full performance can be only viewed on live event. 

Live audio/video performance “STRANGE” preview. 

Video: Žydrūnas Mačiulis; 

Music: AGF - organizing pieces (from album “Beatnadel” 2011).